Cross Referenced

Even if you do not like your family, you should love them. Supporting them in their businesses and endeavors is Ujima. You may not want to sit around the table with them, but using my reference in which I ask for support of Black artists, you are showing them love, respect and responsibility by supporting their efforts. If you cannot support your family and friends, how can you move to the next level, perhaps supporting a business owned by a Black person that you do not know and may have nothing in common with, other than race. You may not “like” that person either. Really, whether you “like” the person is of no consequence to our cooperative successes –  Ujamaa.

I Love You!  th-2

A Wrong

Words pasted on paper will not right the 1 or 2, 10, or 50 million wrong.

Your fear and our ass kissing or unintelligent and sometimes insane feats speaks for

victims-transatlantic-slave-trade_23313the early church you built.

A wrong and a wrong and another wrong can never make a right.

written by Greer E, Mendy 2016

You Call It!

Time changes all things, including our beloved traditions. I have researched extensively on Louisiana’s Black dance traditions for over 10 years. That research includes scholarly/academic research and field studies. The scholarly research was enlightening, and certainly directed me to a completely different thought process regarding this subject. The field explorations were exciting! Traveling around Louisiana to watch us commune was church, the African village, the now, and the future. The Second Lines tripped me up. The more I saw of them, the more I saw the dismantling of our tradition.

One of the major features and reasons for a Second Line was the “Brass Band”. The Second Line was the anniversary or commemoration; the people, organization members and the neighborhood communities; and the music, the live music – The Brass Bands.

Today, recorded music carried on small floats, often drowns out the live music. It is going to be a real problem and a cheerless day when the DJs play pop songs at the Seconds Lines, or when there are more floats and DJs than bands.  Popular music is not based on fact, legend, or even myth. Popular music is often about what gets sold. Second Lines are about our stories. The Brass Bands accompanied our lives and therefore could play our stories. They told the world where we came from and where we are going. They celebrate our existence. Brass Bands have held on to our identity.

(I am going to work on this piece!)


Get It Together

“… And both you and I needed to cleanse our minds of negative thoughts.”

from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Negative thoughts have no place in our lives. Continually internalized, they are painful, and become pathologies. Donald Trump is the President-Elect! We have no room for tactile hallucinations. c0aux24weaad-u3

Get It Together.